01 / analyze.

Data analysis

Evidence Based Training (EBT) has lifted pilot training to a new level. Assessing and especially training the pilot's competencies based on evidence, gained by operators, OEMs, aviation authorities and especially derived from the pilots' own performance, opens the world to individual and personalized training.

To achieve the full potential and personalize the training for your pilots, make use of our scientific expertise and experience in pilot training. With our help you can use your data for your pilots' needs.

02 / optimize.

Instructor Concordance

Especially with performing an Evidence Based Training the standardization of instructors became even more important as only valuable data can result in correct evidence.

The so called interrater reliability (concordance) has become the basis for the Instructor Concordance Assurance Programme (ICAP) in EASA's Baseline EBT regulation. This programme consist of the concordance assessment, an analysis by experts and finally a concordance training based on the evidence gained.

We consult you at any step of your ICAP implementation. Furthermore, we are experts in analyzing the concordance assessment's results by scientifically developed algorithms.

Our ICAP concept has set international standards for instructor standardization and has become part of the IATA EBT Implementation Guide.

We offer this analysis in three common formats:


EBT instructor course roadmap


EBT instructor course presentation

Web reports

EBT instructor training and concordancec assessment video

03 / realize.

EBT Implementation

Whether you are planning to implement Baseline EBT according EASA regulation or already started with the project, we are the ideal partner to a successful implementation.

With our expertise in implementing Evidence Based Training, we can guide you through the process to unlock all benefits of individualized training for your company.


From setting up an efficient project plan to challenging your project for compliance prior to your approval request we are at your side providing our expertise and network.

EBT instructor course roadmap

EBT Instructor Initial Course

We provide the initial EBT Instructor Course according to EASA Regulation AMC1 ORO.FC.146(c) to enable your instructors delivering training and assessing evidence-based. Certainly, the course is tailored to the needs of your company!

EBT instructor course presentation

Video Clips

If you are looking for material that can be used for instructor trainings or concordance assessments, we can provide you with the ideal videos. Furthermore, we can produce unique videos on your request.

EBT instructor training and concordancec assessment video

About us

conavitra was founded to bring academic science and experience from professional pilot training together. This symbiosis allows for a deep understanding of the learning process of pilots while ensuring the transferability to the real world.
  • Emerged from a cooperation of Lufthansa and the Technical University of Munich
Dominik Janetzko
  • Dominik Janetzko
  • M.Sc. Psychology (Ulm University)
  • M.Sc. Human Factors Engineering (Technical University of Munich)
Frank Steiner
  • Frank Steiner
  • A320 Pilot and Instructor
  • EASA Baseline EBT Implementation Manager

Further team members: experts in regulatory affairs, EBT program design and approval


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